vs HomeOpenly vs HomeOpenly. The “Battle of Midway” in the housing sector has just started.

Broker-to-broker collusion with thousands of independent Realtors. Millions USD in kickbacks. Inflated commissions. Pay-to-play bias. Shell “paper” brokerage. False advertising. Consumer steering. Consumer allocation. Market allocation. Hundreds of billions in commission savings stolen from consumers in the middle of a housing crisis.

Have just advanced themselves against:

The Sherman Act. The Lanham Act. FTC Act. RESPA. CRFA. Open competition. The First Amendment. Fair advertising. Open Marketplace. Hundreds of billions USD in savings. Free Speech. Nominative fair use of a trademark by a media service. Legitimate consumer and editorial reviews published online.

This battle, alone, will decide the future of how real estate professionals are to behave:


(1) in hub-and-spoke collusion with and similar “sham” brokerage schemes.


(2) in an open competition with one another.

These two concepts cannot coexist in the open markets subject to well-drafted antitrust and Free Speech regulations.

Only one of these propositions will remain in tact.



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